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Marcelo Dance Company

Bachata Thursdays

unlock your dance

It's Finally Here!

Marcelo’s most frequently asked question is:
“When are you going to start your own weekly night?!”

What You Can Expect:
– More Personalized
– Higher Level Instruction
– Family Friendly Environment
– Make Real Progress with Your Dancing

This is just the beginning of something much larger in the works! Join us along for the ride!

Bachata Thursdays

7:00pm – Bachata Level 1 (45min)
8:00pm – Bachata Level 2 (45min)
9:00pm – Bachata Level 3 (45min)
Limited Spots • No Partner Needed

10:00pm – Practice & Enjoy! (1hr)

Suggestion: If you are Level 1 or 2 and want to attend the practice social at 10pm (highly encouraged), but Level 3 is not appropriate for you- there are some great restaurants walking distance to grab a bite while you wait.

Galaxy Dance Center
512 Maple Ave W
Vienna, VA 22180

Class Information

Pick a Day that Fits Your Skill Level

Level 1 Beginner

Start your Bachata journey right here! This is the starter course no one should miss. Learn to move and step authentically from the get go

In this level you'll learn the all important basics to start you off right, including but not limited to, weight transfers, basic steps, simple turns, dancing to the rhythm, etc

No previous dance or Bachata experience required. This is an absolute beginner class The only pre-requisite is a willingness to learn and have fun

Recommended to take this course 1-2 months before moving to Bachata Level 2

Level 2 Beginner w/ Experience

Designed for students already comfortable with the basic steps, basic timing, and basic turns

Learn to move and step more authentically. In this level you’ll progress by learning proper lead and follow technique, along with turn patterns perfect for the dance floor Introduction to arm and body coordination, lady styling, and simple body movement, and proper weight shifting to unlock your hips

Completion of Bachata Level 1 or similar. Must have knowledge of Basic Steps, Basic Turns, and Timing

3 months before moving to Bachata Level 3

Level 3 Advanced Beginner

This course is the much needed bridge between our long standing beginner and intermediate level courses

This level builds off Level 2 to create more dynamic turn patterns, footwork, styling, connection, and body movement

Strongly recommend completion of Bachata Level 2 or similar. Geared towards dancers with 6 months of regular class AND social dancing experience

If you have experience but haven’t taken proper foundation classes, or if you’re unsure of your level, we recommend to begin (or combine) with Bachata Level 2

6 months before moving to Bachata Level 4

Level 4 (Intermediate) - coming soon


“Marcelo breaks down techniques and routines like no one I’ve seen!! His understanding of a dancer’s progression and frustrations along the learning curve is 100%, and so he takes the time to help everyone push through and break out.”
-Jose H
“I always enjoy being around your energy, it’s unmatched and so refreshing!”
-Marina L

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